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Words of wisdom

Grateful for insightful words. “We are not bodies who have souls, but souls who have bodies.” I don’t recall who said it but I like it.


Grateful for a nice easy beginning to this week😊☮️🕉🙏🌞 Sweet dreams.

Birthday dinners🎂

Grateful we could celebrate my step-daughter’s bday out to dinner tonight! Happy birthday, Katie🕊


Grateful for a fun day to finish a good week! Grateful for time with some great ladies and grateful for great clients and a fun new job.


Wow-I have not gone this long without posting a grateful since November 2011. Grateful for a full life and much to be grateful for! Back...


Whatever that is:) Grateful the concept exists and hopeful I can achieve it. The new gig is great and going gang-busters!

Really sweaty yoga!

Grateful for the Vicks humidifier! Today was the first time I was able to get the Hot Yoga Dome to 104 degrees and 40% humidity. It was...


Grateful for good work on the kitchen and chocolate and dinner out with my Valentines❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Warm house!

Grateful for a good furnace, warm house, warm clothes, and all the creature comforts heading into a polar weekend!


Grateful that most of the time Patrick handles the crafty parental duties😆 because I am terrible at it!

Vegan cheese?!

Grateful to live in Denver where vegan cheese is easily found...without yeast extract. This might be the most granola thing I have ever...

Mellow Monday

Grateful for a very lovely day, all said. Nice walks, proposal managed, plans starting to take shape, and delicious vegetable soup for...


Grateful that working-from-home has become normalized.

In-person meetings?!

Grateful for a real-life, in-person meeting today. We socially-distanced in a conference room and it was really nice to be in that space.

Blue Heron

Grateful for the beautiful, brave Blue Heron that is hanging around the pond by my new office. What a cool site!

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