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New moon in Leo

Grateful for a day filled with yes! Many growth opportunities abound in the spiritual, family, community, and professional arenas.

Grateful for hope

Grateful for new projects at home and work. Grateful for a new moon tomorrow to start us off...🌙

Camping grateful

Grateful for a weekend tent-camping with the Littles! Super fun time in Salida; we found Some cool aragonite and art, met a retired bus...

Grateful yoga

Grateful for a flexible group of yoginis and yoga on an alternate day to meet life’s flow.

Unlikely grateful

Grateful for the leaky pipe that triggered the pantry remodel. Grateful for the great plumber recommended by my mom. And grateful for our...

Grateful for little things

Grateful that washing hands and wearing masks seem pretty effective against the Corona virus. Glad to see case rates going down in...

Monday managed

Grateful for a fast start to the week with all the component parts of a full day; work, exercise, kid drama, meditation, peace☮️

Weekend grateful

Grateful to discover a new state park close to Denver (Staunton, I think it’s called); grateful for a Saturday afternoon nap; lunch out...

Graduation grateful

Grateful Colorado schools figured out in-person graduation in time for William Stolle and the class of 2020! Huge congratulations!...

Migraine grateful...

Super grateful for help! Thank you, Patrick Stolle, for helping with today’s post🙃 Grateful for a full day!

Happy hump day!

Grateful for Wednesday yoga and all the things I’m learning as I get this website up and running! I will soon know how to livestream yoga...

Daily gratitude

Grateful for the cool evening, a nice walk, and a safe drive with my 15-year old novice. Oh! And the new yoga home dome ordered today!...

Monday grateful

Grateful my Littles were able to practice in-person taekwondo today. And that the COVID case data appears to be heading downward once...

Operator error:)

Grateful for patience! I just tried to record a 90-minute practice to post here and I didn't get that quite right. I will try again on...

Daily gratitude!

Grateful for an inspiration hike yesterday! And the motivation to finish setting up this website! I hope it's a successful evolution.

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