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Sunday prep day

Grateful that COVID chilled our weekends out to only our family stuff. Grateful that Sunday can be a day of rest and preparation for the...

Full day!

Grateful for walking, kitchen demo, more walking, and game night! Phew! What a day❤️🙏😊


Grateful for the refresher course today. It’s such a good thing to know. I do hope I never need it, though. Good night!


Grateful to be able to bestow unexpected gifts❤️


Grateful that working from home is a gift of 2020. It seems like it’s here to stay to some degree.

Birthday cake and chores

Grateful that there is a baker in the house and that she does chores too🎂🧹🧽 It’s so nice to come home to a clean fridge and cabinets....

Much happy news!

Grateful to hear from my brother some very happy news and from a friend some more very happy news! Waves of positivity rolling in!🌊

High energy weekend

Grateful for stamina and progress! kitchen demo in progress, walks, yoga, time with family. So much to be grateful for!

Game night

Grateful for a fun evening laughing and playing with most of the family! Such good food and company.


Grateful for a slightly different FAC...working til 5 and being the first one to leave...WHAT? What a fun week it has been getting to...


Grateful for the time taken to set us up for success! Grateful for the potential and opportunities ahead.

Inauguration Day!

Grateful for a safe inauguration today! Praying this president gets a proper opportunity to succeed. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 And super proud that we...

First day in-person

Grateful for all the happy people I met today on my first in-person day at the new job. Uber grateful for my new co-workers who helped...


Grateful the holiday decorations are down and stowed for next time. Mid-winter clearing feels good.

Fresh air

Grateful for a nice walk with my girls and that my lovely step-daughter came by for game night. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Grateful the family is out of quarantine and that I got my office moved from the old to the new.


Grateful that the stupid things the older kids do typically have a very obvious odor...

New job-good day!

Grateful for a fun day on the new job! So excited to get to know the team and see what we can build!


Grateful for dinner for the family from a sweet, thoughtful Co-Mom while we have a COVID house. Three more days! Also grateful for...

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