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Omg hot yoga!

Grateful for a nearly 2-hour hot yoga session in the Home Dome today with the hubby🏠🥵👍🏽 Such a lovely indulgence! Tomorrow starts the...


Grateful that my current job has offered me great opportunities for growth! I have learned so much about dealing with people and...

Home home

Grateful to be home and looking very forward to a night in my own bed. Uber grateful for a weekend of recharging the batteries. Ready for...

Professional relationships

Grateful for all the wonderful people I have the opportunity to work with! I appreciate all the well wishes from clients and colleagues...

New legal driver

Grateful my son now has a learner’s permit and can drive legally. Look out world!

Cat is out of the bag😳

Grateful for a new job! Glad it went well today letting everyone know. Looking forward to new opportunities! Grateful for the...

Family and warmth

Grateful for this warm home, literally and figuratively. I hope and pray the children feel it and spark their own hearths someday. Peace...

Christmas Eve-Eve

Grateful for yoga and take-out! Looking forward to a few days off and some socially distanced time with family.

Celestial Monday

Grateful for cool astronomical events in 2020-both a comet and a conjunction witnessed on walks with my kiddos.


Grateful for the abundance we have in our life! Delicious food, decadent chocolate, long, safe walks, hot yoga AT HOME, and love. So...

Happy Friday!

Grateful for a week well done. Looking forward to some exercise this weekend! And only one week left until the big day.


Grateful for things that require patience...and when the waiting is over. Hoping for this soon🙃

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