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Still surprised

Grateful that I am still surprised by the attitude adjustment of yoga. Love love the practice.

More birthdays

Grateful for the women I love who were born on this day! Happy birthday!

Trees and snow

Grateful for a freshly cut tree trimmed and all lit up. My favorite part of this season is the stumbling around in the woods to find a...

Happy Friday!

Grateful for a really good day! More on that later🤫 Have a most pleasant evening.

Wednesday yoga!

So grateful that our yoga family has been able to stay mostly consistent since March using online resources to practice each week!


Grateful for meditation and yoga. Truly the best coping mechanisms. Also really happy with the Hot Yoga Home Dome. Such a decadence to...


Grateful for a day of gratitude shared by our family and community. I like the COVID twist on this day. I miss seeing my Mama and all the...

What a day!

Grateful for more info on a possible opportunity and for a happy birthday girl...on her birthday eve!

Pantry project update

Grateful for the revised pantry layout and that it is installed! We are getting closer every weekend To a new kitchen.

Safe shopping

Grateful that folks are wearing masks and being moderate in their interactions. Hoping most stay well🙏☮️🕉

Duct tape and fairy dust

Grateful for imaginative solutions to perceived problems. Elsie suggested duct tape and fairy dust to manage zombies😆


Grateful for the festive vibe in the house. Grateful we can feel festive about next Week off from the grind of school and work, mostly....

New subscribers!!

Grateful to people willing to follow this blog. I promise to add more content soon!

Game night with the fam...

Grateful for Uno with the kids and delicious dinner followed by chocolate❤️ Some moments feel as if there is no pandemic.

Humorous realizations!

Grateful for funny things out of the mouths of babes: “I just realized that song by Lady Gaga isn’t actually about poking faces...” 😆🤣😂

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