First trip out

Grateful for a successful maiden voyage in our new family pop-up camper. It was so fun, comfy, and easy to put away! Looking forward to...


To Al for lending us his truck so we can transport the old Norton from our garage to my Dad’s capable hands! Glad for movement in a...

Yoga, hump day, yay!

Grateful for kids excited for school! Grateful for yoga and for our Wednesday evening group! So grateful for the people in my world❤️🌞🕉

Short weeks rule!

Grateful that a long weekend brings on a short week! Also grateful that nearly all the school supplies have been obtained (minus water...


Grateful for a long weekend! I think a great way to ease into retirement is declaring a 4-day work week. Every week.

New toy grateful

Grateful for our new popup and can’t wait to take it out next weekend! Enjoyed “making house” today; shopping and organizing for a comfy...

Summer gratitude

Grateful for homegrown carrots and beets and salsa for dinner! Grateful for clean air and dinners on the deck! And for evening walks...


Grateful for yoga and our Wednesday night yoga-family🕉

Grateful for a remote start

Grateful we are able to ease into the school year. It gives me more time to buy supplies and back-to-school clothes for these kiddos....


Grateful for a really full weekend! Camper obtained, kitchen project set for next weekend, and delicious tomato sauce courtesy of...

Tired grateful

Grateful for our new toy! We bought a pop-up camper today in the Springs, drove her home, practiced backing it up, then set it up to...


Grateful for pizza-movie night while the kids are still young. Missing the older ones who join us less frequently.


Grateful for my social media break. Such a timely effort. Also grateful for yoga. Planning to add more hatha yoga to my days.

Monday Monday

Grateful for a successful first day of remote learning. I truly hope we can get back to classrooms in September, but I am encouraged.

Saturday grateful

So grateful that Angus comes to us when he makes bad choices. Seems he trusts us and I hope he continues to.

Birthday grateful

Grateful to get to see my sweet nephew for his birthday yesterday! Croquette and an outside movie with happy cousins. So much love.


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