Grateful that my elder daughter ENJOYED yoga tonight for the first time! 🕉 so exciting!

A plan!

Grateful that Biden/Harris won this election! Yay! A man (and woman) with a plan!


Grateful for safe and fair elections. Praying our democracy continues.


Grateful for the new normal of Monday. Hot yoga in my own home, soup cooking whilst I sweat. Lovely. Angus even helped with the soup....


Grateful to all the folks who left out treats or who opened their doors when the kids knocked this evening. Thank you for playing! And...


Grateful for a really productive day in the world. Hoping things stay afloat over the next few months.


Grateful that Maisri chose well for her first boyfriend. And that he has a sweet Mama who loves Maisri, too.

Date night

Grateful for date night; and for Denver Film Festival at Red Rocks! Fun picnic, drive-in movie night and a really cool movie: “9 Days”.


Beyond grateful that my hubby and bro-in-law were able to help a friend in need today! Thank you, Family❤️💜🧡


Grateful every week for Wednesday night yoga! Such good people and such good action. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Some days...

Grateful that some days my ego takes the reins and reminds me why it should not be in charge! Cheers to a better practice tomorrow.

Pho Real!

Grateful for pho on a Monday night! And that Maisri joined us🍜🍲🥟🍤 soon soon she will be spreading her wings and heading out into her...


Grateful for some chilly weather today and Halloween decorations on the lawn. Grateful for warm socks and family dinners.


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