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First dose!

Grateful the first dose is done! And grateful for dinner on the deck for the first time this season!

Test drives

Grateful for the opportunity to try out various potential new cars this evening! Thank you to my daughter who cooked dinner AND did the...

All’s well...

Grateful for dinner with the vaccinated grandparents and that a little girl’s Mama seems ok.


Grateful for inspiration read to me on my commute🕉

Rest day and negative test!

Grateful the rapid test was negative today! Grateful for a mellow day on the couch. Grateful to have a run-of-the mill cold🤧

Clear sidewalks and roads

Grateful for all the Coloradans who shoveled their walks and plowed the roads! There may still be piles of snow on the grassy areas, but...

Work-at-home/snow day

Grateful that working from home is seamless since COVID; grateful that the Littles got an actual snow day; and grateful they played...

Winter storm/snow day!

Grateful for the power staying on, a mid-day shovel event, games by the fire, and a day where all the McD kids had to stay...

Duck butts😆

Grateful for all the signs of springtime that were observed this week; notably duck butts, lots of them on all the ponds and lakes on my...

An extrovert day!

Grateful for a successful first all-staff meeting as the new office manager and for a Sub-sequent client lunch. So many words today🙃

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